AD100/MVPpro/AD100 Truck - Vehicle Key Programming

Zed-FULL Immobiliser solutions

Need a one-stop solution for Transponder Cloning, Car Key Programming and Eeprom functions? Then the Zed Full is the tool for you. 

The Zed-FULL is the world's most professional and unique "all in one" immobiliser device, the mixture of fixed & crypto cloning, remote cloning, transponder editing, eeprom programming and OBD key programming offers many leading solutions not available on other devises. The Zed Full also offers a variety of purchase options that gives the greatest flexibility on outlay and coverage.

The Zed Full from the makers of Zed Bull

Zed-Full Features

  • Rugged tablet handset with steering wheel hook                                       
  • 7" HD-TFT colour touch screen
  • Excellent graphics and intuitive to use
  • Single OBD cable for all applications
  • 12 & 24 volt operation for car & truck
  • Built in transponder reader / holder, key & remote reader.
  • Built in infra red and remote frequency tester with frequency display
  • Built in volt meter & continuity tester for vehicle and remote battery testing
  • Built in Eeprom reader / writer & programming system
  • Strong storage case and quick start guide.

The flexible purchase options include 3 different ways to fund your purchase

  • Option One "pay as you go" credits.
  • Option Two "Unlimited use" subscriptions over 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Option Three "Outright software purchase" mixed with credits.

The Zed-FULL Standard package includes many features that are completely free to use for the life of the Zed-FULL these include:

  • Transponder Identification of all types
  • Transponder cloning for fixed 11,12,13,14,33, T5, 4C
  • Transponder cloning for Crypto 40(some) 41,42,44 (unlocked VAG) 45, 73, 8C
  • Transponder cloning for Crypto 2, ID46 onto Carbon TS46 or TK60 (internet)
  • Transponder cloning for Texas 4D (internet)
  • Writing to transponder T5, PCF7930,31,35,36, PCF7946,47, 4D60, 48, 8C, TPX1, TPX2,, EH1, EH2, TK60, Z4C, CN2, TS46, TS48, TK5551
  • Transponder Tests
  • BMW EWS remote battery recharging
  • Built-in infrared and remote frequency remote tester
  • Manual remote programming procedures
  • Pincode reading from key Peugeot 45, Renault 33, Hyundai-Kia 6 pin.
  • Transponder test
  • Unlock id48 & 48Can
  • Reading KM, chassis & key info from BMW EWS keys & remotes
  • Transponder catalogue
  • Customer database
  • PC software for cloning, pincodes, updating, loading software, eeprom applications, emulator unlocking,

Other Zed-FULL features available via credit or unlimited use package

Zed Full Transponder, Key & Remote management

  • Transponder production for 33 various, 40,41,42,44,45, 46 various, 61,62,63,65,67,68,69,70, 73, to PCF7930, 31, 35, 36, T5, TPX2, CN2
  • Mercedes E, C, G class up to 1999
  • Fiat remote cloning to special remote emulators
  • Transponder & remote recycling for id46 Vectra-C, Renault Clio, Master, Molvano, Traffic, Clio3, Modus, Laguna, Megane, Nissan, Honda, Saab

Zed Full PIN Code Solutions

  • Fiat Panda id46 pin code calculation from key (with internet)
  • Nissan Almera & Primera id46 pin code calculation from key (with internet)
  • Renault Symbol-Dacia Duster continental box id46 pin code calculation from key (with internet)
  • Pin codes for Renault 33, Renault 60-64 & Peugeot 45 from key head
  • Hyundai & Kia pin code calculation from VIN number (up to 2007)
  • Hyundai & Kia pin code calculation from key
  • Pin code calculation from Nissan ICU-SEC-BCM labels
Zed Full Eeprom programming
  • Built in eeprom reader / programmer with external port
  • 205 différent immobiliser applications, car, truck & motorbike
  • System applications, information, pictures, circuit diagrams.
  • Read pincodes, CS codes, generate transponders to start vehicle, create programmable transponders
  • Catalogue of Motorola masks
  • Software loaded on Zed-FULL and PC software

Zed Full OBD programming
  • Chrysler key & remote programming, Pin code reading, erase key, add key,
  • Daewoo-Chevrolet key & remote programming, pin code reading
  • Fiat key & remote programming, 
  • Pin code reading and precoding.
  • Ford key & remote programming, add & clear key, incode/outcode bypass
  • GM (American) key & remote programming,
  • Holden key & remote programming, pin code reading
  • Honda key programming
  • Hyundai-Kia key & remote programming, pin code reading
  • Isuzi key & remote programming, erase & add key.
  • Mitsubishi key & remote programming, pin code bypass, erase & add key
  • Nissan key & remote programming, Pin code reading, erase key, add key,
  • Opel-Vauxhall key & remote programming, Pin code reading,
  • Proton key programming, erase key, add key,
  • Peugeot-Citroen key & remote programming, PIN Code reading
  • Renault key & remote programming, Pin code reading,
  • Subaru key programming,
  • Toyota key & remote programming, immobiliser reset, erase key, add key,
  • VW-Audi-Seat-Skoda key & remote programming, erase key, add key,
  •  Pin code reading, Precoding, Eeprom reading for PIN. K Line, VAG-Can, UDS systems.


The AD100Pro Key and Remote Tester/Programmer offers Auto Locksmiths and Diagnostic Specialists the ability to enter a new and lucrative market, programming keys into vehicles, which has traditionally only been available to manufacturers dealers, until now.
Unbeatable Features
• Reads Fault Codes
• Clears Fault Codes 
• Displays Live Data
• Component Actuation
• Reads Immobiliser ECU ID's 
• Reads Mechanical Key Codes
• Clears Key Memories 
• Programs New Keys
• Extracts Immobiliser Pincodes 
• ECU Identification
• ECU, Immobiliser Learn Coding 
• Reads EKA Codes 
• Programs New EKA Codes 
• Programs Plip Keys

Great Range of Software Available

Largest range of Manufacturers

• Ford • LDV • GM • Isuzu • VW • Audi • Seat • Skoda • Rover
• Land Rover• Ford USA • Chrysler • Jeep • Peugeot • Citroen
• Nissan • Jaguar • Aston Martin • Renault • Mitsubishi • Daewoo
• Hyundai • Kia • Fiat • Alfa • Lancia • Honda • Suzuki • Toyota
• Lexus • Proton • Mazda • Subaru • Iveco • Mercedes Sprinter/Vito
• BMW Mini • Ssangyong • Saab

Special Software Package Deals

We have a number of Special Software Packages available:

  • • Single Manufacturers.
  • • Euro Kit
  • • Euro Plus Kit 
  • • Asian Kit 
  • • Asian Plus Kit

Endorsed By Professionals Auto Locksmiths

The AD100Pro is a renowned tester used throughout the world. ALA members use the AD100Pro almost exclusively; The ALA being probably the most experienced group of Auto Locksmiths in the world.

Five Reasons to Buy the AD100Pro

1. Market Leader

As the world leading tester the AD100Pro will always be a forefront in key and remote programming

2. Software

With a specialist team dedicated to key programming, Advanced Diagnostics can offer an ever increasing range of software, keeping them as the clear market leader.

3. Technical Support

As specialists in key programming, diagnostic equipment and suppliers of keys, remotes and locksmith tooling, we offer the very best in technical and product support.

4. Proven Pedigree

9 out of 10 dedicated testers sold in the UK are AD100Pro's. As the first and best key programmer on the market, you can be sure you are purchasing the very best equipment and joining an elite group of professionals.

5. Long term Future

Since it's launch in 2001, 35 different manufacturers have been added to the AD100Pro.
Other manufacturers can only dream of a development release on this scale. Five new software updates are planned for the coming year.

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MVPpro Option

The MVP Pro is the latest key programming tool from Advanced Diagnostics, offering a low cost entry into the automotive key programming market.

As the world Leaders in Transponder Key Programming Advanced Diagnostics have improved the revolutionary ‘Pay As You Go’ vehicle key programming system with the functionality of the AD100Pro. The MVP Pro uses electronic tokens which can be purchased easily and quickly via the internet.

The MVP Pro is supplied with all available software applications and is easily updated with new software from the internet, at no extra cost, ensuring the technician always has the latest developed software.

This system uses electronic tokens to program vehicles, one token per vehicle, and along with never having to purchase software again allows anyone who wants to offer vehicle key programming a foot in the door ... at a price any security professional or automotive locksmith can afford.

MVP Pro Kit

The MVP pro comes with the following kit as standard :

• MVP Pro "Pay as you go" Tester 
• Operating Manual
• 10 Electronic Tokens
• All Available Software
• All Future Software
• Carrying Case
• Technical Support
• Upload Lead
• Power Supply
• 16pin OBD Cable
• Vehicle Specific Dongles
• Website Forum 
• Smartcheck Security Calculator

Buy MVPpro Online


AD100 Truck

The AD100Pro Truck has been developed to provide key programming for 12v and 24v systems on commercial vehicles.

The AD100Pro Truck benefits from a large touch screen / versatile keypad for easy navigation / selection, and a USB interface for fast software downloads. Software is upgradeable via the internet, ensuring the customer has the latest software in the fastest possible way.

It has been designed with simplicity in mind and uses simple colour coded dongles that configures the tester, thus minimising the variety of cables required.

Software applications will be continually developed to cover all commercial vehicle manufacturers.

The AD100Pro Truck is capable of running both standard software and the latest test software at the same time, providing the customer with complete flexibility.

Developed to cover all communication protocols including all CAN systems, the AD100Pro Truck is designed for the future.

Combined with functionality and extensive software coverage, the AD100Pro Truck positions itself as the leading transponder key programming tool in the world for commercial vehicles, following in the footsteps of the highly renowned AD100(Pro) used in the passenger car market.


• All makes coverage
• Reads immobiliser ECU ID's
• Clears key memory
• Programs new keys
• Programs remote controls
• ECU identification
• ECU Coding/Matching
• Reads/Clears fault codes
• Displays live data
• Component actuation
• Internet software updates
• Technical hotline
• Technical support forum
• Pin code services online and built-in
• USB PC interface
• Standard & Test software
• Multi languages support

Technical Features

• World-wide CV vehicle protocols
• Multi vehicle software
• Internet software upgrades
• User ID password protection
• Dynamic display readings
• 12v/24v powered from vehicle
• CAN Bus interface
• USB PC Interface
• 320x240 dot matrix LCD touch screen
• Backlit LCD

Kit Includes

• AD100Pro Truck hand held tester
• Software (as ordered)
• Technical hotline support
• Protective carrying case
• Operating Manual
• Cables & Dongles
• Website technical forum
• Pin code services

Automotive Locksmith Training
Auto Locksmith Training
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